Pure oxygen for energy boost, power and concentration


Business world
FeelOXY will help you achieve better sports results because it helps to:
  • Increase strength
  • Increase energy
  • Increase endurance
  • Increase power
  • Reduce regenration time
  • FeelOXY is appropriate for professional and recreational athletes. When practicing aerobic sports (e.g. running, cycling, swimming), FeelOXY will mainly help to increase your endurance; and when practicing anaerobic sports (e.g. tennis, weight lifting, football) it will help to increase your strength and power. Supplemental Oxygen is not on the list of banned substances issued by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) - IT IS NOT DECLARED AS DOPING! (Click for more information)

    Business world

    Business world
    Are you one of those who work all day, are under constant pressure, travel a lot, and often in need for high focus? FeelOXY will help you to meet the challenges of the business world confidently, because it:
  • Increases mental concentration
  • Reduces symptoms of stress and sleep deprivation
  • Increases energy
  • Reduces jet-lag at business trips.
  • Young

    FeelOXY will help also the younger generations; especially with your studying and after parties, because it:
  • increases concentration, which you need to study more effectively
  • reduces symptoms of stress and sleep deprivation
  • Helps in overcoming unpleasant symptoms, which occur the day after the party
  • reduces jet-lag, when travelling
  • Wellness

    FeelOXY will assist you to feel better in your body. The usage of oxygen supplement will:
  • slow down the ageing process
  • help to refresh and rejuvenate skin
  • reduce the number and depth of facial wrinkles
  • improve the structure and elasticity of the skin
  • fill the skin and the body with vital energy
  • Hikers and Trekkers

    Hikers and Trekkers
    FeelOXY is suitable for the needs of hikers and trekkers, as it helps to:
  • provide your cells and your body with additional oxygen
  • improve your oxygen saturation in the blood, especially at the higher altitudes where the air is thinner
  • boost you with energy and power for another physical strain
  • reduce the negative effects that come with higher altitudes
  • reduce fatigue and sleepiness
  • Long distance driving

    Long distance driving
    FeelOXY is suitable for long distance drivers, as it helps:
  • to reduce running low with concentration
  • reducing exhaustion on long journeys
  • in overcoming stress and nervousness on business trips and better cope with the effects of jet-lag
  • increasing concentration and reducing the level of stress in traffic jams
  • to increase the energy in day or night journeys where fatigue shows much faster
  • shortening the reaction time
  • Pilots

    FeelOXY is suitable for the needs of pilots and passengers at the altitudes up to 4000m, as it helps to:
  • reduce fatigue and sleepiness
  • reduce dizziness and impaired reaction time
  • increase the concentration and reduce the level of stress
  • improve maintenance of control over the management of aircraft
  • improve oxygen saturation in the blood
  • reduce the jet-lag effect

  • FeelOXY is suitable for pilots and passengers of private, sports, business or ultra-light aircrafts, pilots and passengers for tandem jumps and gliders.

    Defence and security

    Defence and security
    FeelOXY is suitable for military use, as it helps:
  • to reduce exhaustion during forces training and missions
  • to increase energy demand before and faster regeneration after extreme exertion
  • in the execution of their duties in areas with polluted air and high altitude areas where the air is thinner
  • to increase the concentration and reducing the level of stress
  • in the shortening the reaction time


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    “Two of the less pleasant aspects of my business life are frequent long journeys in the car and in many cases destroyed biorhythm due to transitions between different <wbr />time zones on longer journeys. With FeelOXY I can drive concentrated for a longer time without excessive consumption of caffeine, moreover I can easilyovercome jet-lag effect <wbr />after longer business trips with a plane.”

    “During the winter preparations for the new cycling season I see FeelOXY as a necessity for my optimal training. Base training last between 3-5 hours, FeelOXY gives me extra energy and after each longer training pure oxygen is very helpful for faster regeneration.”

    “I use FeelOXY every day. I use it during hard trainings to get more power, and also during studying for better concentration. I find it especially helpful during trainings at glaciers.”

    “I take FeelOXY mostly for faster regeneration after intensive training, as my oxygen saturation increase much faster with inhalation of FeelOXY.  FeelOXY is very applicable also on long distance driving car, because it helps me to be more focused, especially when I’m tired from hard training.“

    ”I inhale FeelOXY during trainings and competition preparations in high and faraway places. I use it for overcoming difference in height, faster and easier adaptation and to maintain intensive trainings undisturbed.”

    ”At the end of September 2014 FeelOXY helped me to overcome the longest and the hardest ultra-marathon ordeal from Athens to Sparta, 264 km long – Spartathlon.”

    ”I make use of FeelOXY after trainings, when I feel tired, don’t have enough energy, am having heavy legs. I also use it during races – especially between stages to get extra strength and energy. FeelOXY is very welcome after trainings and races for faster regeneration, which helps me to train without interruption and prepare for the next race.“

    ”I use FeelOXY after hard trainings, especially when I train in higher places, over 2000 meters. With a help of FeelOXY seems my goal for a world championship easier to achieve.”

    ”I regularly use FeelOXY during bigger physical strains, when I go up the “hill”. I use it also for faster regeneration of my body, which is very important when you are physically active. I would recommend FeelOXY to all, not just athletes, because it helps you to feel better, it increases your concentration, and also helps with headaches. For girls and women two morning intakes also help for prettier and more youthful skin.”

    ”I am regular consumer of FeelOXY. I began to use it last year and I really like it, because it relaxes me during running. I would recommend to all runners or other athletes to use it before running or other sports activity to increase their level of energy.”

    “I am taking FeelOXY at lessons and on the field for better concentration. I also use it after competitions and physical preparations – especially after cycling and running for faster regeneration.”
    Jure Mikuž - ManagerJure MikužManaging Partner at RSG Capital
    Urša PintarUrša PintarProfessional rider and member of the 1st Slovenian professional women’s cycling team BTC CTY LJUBLJANA
    Tim MastnakTim MastnakProfessional snowboarder
    Luka MezgecLuka MezgecProfessional rider and member of Australian professional road race cycling team ORICA GreenEDGE
    Maruša FerkMaruša FerkMember of Slovenian ski representative team for alpine skiing
    Klemen BostarKlemen BoštarRecreational runner
    Peter VeselPeter VeselMTB competitor and participant in the biggest mountain bike races in the world
    Lenart NočProfessional mountain biker
    Simona SlaparSimona Mav SlaparRecreational athlete
    Sadik MujkićSadik MujkićFormer rower – Olympic medalist
    Daniel KraljicDaniel KraljičProfessional golf instructor

    How to use FeelOXY?


    Put your finger on the sprayer and hold the can approximately 1 cm from your mouth.


    Press and hold the sprayer for one second and take a deep breath.


    Repeat it 3 to 5 times.


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