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work AlenkaOXYGENIUM Ltd. was established in 2014 by its founder and co-owner Alenka Vrečko and is located in Slovenia, a beautiful Country in the heart of Alps in Europe.

The core bussines of the Company is production of pure bottled oxygen under the brand FeelOXY.

The idea of producing pure bottled oxygen was born in order to alleviate the symptoms of fatigue, stress and jet lag, to have more energy during the day, to be more dynamic at work and full of vigour, as well as to increase power and endurance in sports activities.

Today’s pace of life requires a lot of energy and concentration. Due to the rapid pace of life we are often under stress, exhausted and running out of concentration due to overcrowded working hours. More and more people are engaged in recreational sports with greater physical strain (cycling and running marathons, heavy fitness training, etc.) which require lots of oxygen as well.

Another factor that contributes to exhaustion and fatigue is also increasingly polluted air, especially a lack of oxygen, which lead to headaches and drowsiness. The same can be experienced as well in the cities near the desserts.

FeelOXY is filled with the highest quality gaseous pure oxygen, compressed into can, which can be used anywhere and anytime. It is the best way to supply the body with supplemental oxygen and achieve real and desired outcomes of work or training.

Company’s main product is standard FeelOXY can in which is 3l of pure compressed oxygen in gaseous state.  The large FeelOXY can contains 12 l of compressed oxygen in gaseous state. The cans are therefore very light and easy to use.

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