Company Description

work AlenkaOXYGENIUM Ltd. is a young Company, established in 2014, for the purpose of production of pure oxygen in a can, named FeelOXY. The Company is managed by it’s founder and co-owner Alenka Vrečko. OXYGENIUM Ltd. is located in Slovenia, Country in the heart of Alps in Europe.

The idea of producing pure oxygen in a can was born in order to alleviate the symptoms of fatigue and stress, to get more energy, to be more dynamic at work and full of vigour, as well as to increase power and endurance in sports activities.

Today’s pace of life requires a lot of energy and concentration, and due to the rapid pace of life we are often under stress, becoming increasingly exhausted and we are running out of concentration due to overcrowded working hours. On the other hand, more and more people are engaged in recreational sports with greater physical strain (cycling and running marathons, heavy fitness training, etc.).

In busy days, where every day additionally to official commitments we often inclu
de intensive sports activities, we need something to refresh us, give us new power and more energy. Another factor that contributes to exhaustion and fatigue is also increasingly polluted air, especially a lack of oxygen, which lead to headaches and drowsiness.

Worldwide as well as in Europe already exist oxygen bars, where people go to inhale reached air with oxygen, but in case of sports activities and at the moment of decreasing concentration they are quite impractical, particularly due to the limited availability, as well as reasons of efficiency, because supplemental oxygen should be inhaled in the moment when it is needed (ie. intensive sports activity, decrease of concentration, etc.). We decided for the production of pure oxygen in a can for the reason of practicality. FeelOXY is filled with the highest quality gaseous pure oxygen from Alps, compressed into can, which can be used anywhere and anytime. This is the best way to supply the body with supplemental oxygen and achieve real and desired outcomes of training or work.

Company’s main product is standard FeelOXY can in which is 3l of pure gaseous the highest quality oxygen from Alps. The large FeelOXY can contains 12 l of pure gaseous oxygen. Aim of the Company is in few years comes to global market.


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