Luka Mezgec - professional cyclist

Luka Mezgec is successful Slovenian road bicycle racer, currently he is riding for Orica GreenEDGE  team. Among his best results we can find his three times winning position in stage race Volta Ciclista a Catalunya, wins in Tour of Beijing and Tour of Qinghai Lake. His wish for a professional career appeared in high school when he was often going from school to training very tired. At that time he wished that his only concern was to go to a practice and be paid for that. He said that »the path that led me to here was not difficult because I’ve always enjoyed in what I am still doing today«. The combination of training and rest is all he needs for a breakthrough to higher level.

In four years Luka switched four clubs, from KD Rog Radenska, KK Sava, Shimano Argos (later they changed names) and today he is riding for Orica GreenEdge. When we asked him about problems with changing the coach he said that » substitutions of coach practically did not exist, I always collaborated with the legend of Slovenian cycling, Bojan Ropret«. Team coaches are always flexible enough to help with advice, monitor your training; they do not interfere if you are doing everything correctly. Moreover, they have more control if the rider wants to work with his personal trainer, as Luka does. Additionally, changing clubs trade in Slovenia is not that demanding, as the region is so small and training differs only in team preparations. The more difficult it was, of course, when Luka moved to foreign country in 2013. At that time he practically joined the team where he did not know anybody and where nobody spoke Slovenian, so he had to adapt to speak English more often. After the season is finished, so in October Luka first takes a longer break from the bike, from three to four weeks, so to do any other sports or just resting and later in November he again begins with regular training. Trainings depend on the program of races, if the races are followed one by another there is usually no time for training, just for regenerative rides, if there is more time between races Luka does different workouts to stay in shape.

So far the biggest mark in his heart was left by Colorado race, due to the nature, people and atmosphere. However, Luka said it was also very challenging since it lies at high altitude and they got there too late for the necessary acclimation. There are still so many great events and races that Luka feels very fond of, whenever he wins »feelings are always beautiful, especially when the whole team works for your success, which you ultimately achieve«. He also spoke about his friends from other teams who he always likes to visit if they are staying in same hotel or whenever he has some free time. He prefers to I prefer to spend time with other Slovenians professional riders or staff members and to joke around how they are competitors now. At the end we asked him what does he has to say to young cyclists at the beginning of their career. » I advised them that to be persistent and not too “rash”. Cycling is a sport requiring a lot of work before successes. They always have to believe in themselves and that they are capable to succeed«.

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