spring fatigue reklama

Spring is slowly awakening and we begin to notice changes in weather and nature. As well as changes outside, our body also begins to adapt and wakes up to meet the challenges of a new season. However, the biggest challenge for our body and mind is the adjustment process between two seasons; challenge which is called the spring fatigue. Although researchers still did not discover proper explanation for this phenomenon, they suggest two possible reasons; external and internal changes.

Since the days get longer and offer more sunlight, people tend to go out and use beautiful sunny, warm days for sports activities and increase their energy consumption. However, activity and change in our behavior my present threat to homeostasis, the constancy of the internal environment. During the winter, our body and mind faces with decrease of physical activity, there is also increase in the stress hormone because of environmental threat, levels of hormones such as serotonin, hormone that boost happiness, and dopamine, motivational hormone, are low, due to shorter days, less sunlight and worse weather. And when spring rolls in, we become more active and consequently this presents shock for body. As our body wants to meet our demands, works hard to repair and strengthen the weakened defense system, which is why we often feel more tired, less motivated and feel lethargic. Symptoms of spring fatigue include also poor immune function, lack of motivation and concentration, slow reflexes and responses, unrefreshing sleep and sleep deprivation, loos of appetite, quick changes in mood, negative effects on memory and so on.

That is why best strategy for fighting spring fatigue is to minimize your stress level and to boost your internal energy level. Although there are many ways how to meet these strategies we recommend additional oxygen FeelOXY, which is the fastest and safest way to reduce and end the negative effects of spring fatigue. Additional oxygen will give your body cells food for functioning, which will consequently increase your health and vitality and at the end of the day it will help to fight all the negative effects of spring fatigue and moreover increase your energy level, strengthen your immune function and improve your motivation and concentration. Even more, FeelOXY is all natural, contains no calories and no artificial substances, therefor it is a product every person should wish for.

spring fatigue reklama

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