Tim Mastnak - slovenian snowboarder

This time we are writing reportage about Tim Mastnak and his nearly end of a season. Tim Mastnak is a 24 years old snowboarder from Celje. He started his career as a skier, however he later decided for snowboarding. His most visible results are 2011 Junior World champion in parallel giant slalom, 4th place in the parallel slalom, 4th place at the Universiade in Turkey, 3rd place at the Universiade in Italy and 4th place in the World Cup in Rogla.

Since he is almost finished we wanted to congratulate him for great season and ask him about his plans for near future. He told us, that until the end of March, he is going to attend four more matches. After the end of match season, he is still not done and ready for vacations since he has to test equipment and train, as long as the conditions will allow him to. In May he is starting with the physical preparation and by July he will try to keep the contact with the snow on Austrian glaciers. Although snowboarding is not the only thing that he is involved into, in addition Tim is also a student at the Faculty of Management, it is the main thing in his life. After this season he will mostly remembered Rogla home match, where there was so much support from his fans, friends and in addition to this, he scored this year’s best ranking. He also mentioned another match in Bad Gastein (Austria), which he described as a biggest challenge this year. Tim told us that so far, until this year, he never competed well there, but this yes he interrupted his bad luck tradition and succeeded. The primary objective, in his opinion for this season, was met; although at the end of the season he wished for another excellent result. In the next season he is planning to upgrade his tactic, since he learned a lot from the past seasons. At the end we wanted to know also about relationships between the contestants. Relations between the contestants are good, with some even excellent. Mostly there are no tensions between them, except of course during the matches. They spend together quite a lot time, travelling and training together; they are almost like a big family. However, at the end Tim told us, that they are still individual athletes, so that each one of them has to look after himself and they all want to win.

That is why Tim is planning some great performances for next season, he hope to improve his driving and with that also his results. He will also achieve this with FeelOXY for which he said that is very satisfied with. »After hard workouts it is helpful for faster regeneration and during the game, it helps me to stay concentrated, focused and strong until the last match«.

tim mastnak slika

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