FeelOXY and hangover

Hangover is a well-known thing to most of us.  It usually happens after Friday or Saturday night and it can last up to 24 hours. Hangover is known as experience of various unpleasant physiological and psychological effects following consumption of ethanol. Negative side effects usually include headache, dry mouth, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea and anxiety, problems with concentration, absence of hunger or contrary and so on. Even though the process from drinking to hangover is still poorly understood there are some well-known psychological changes happening. First, when drinking alcohol we raise levels of acetaldehyde in our body, causing our body to function more difficult. While ethanol is by itself sufficient to produce most hangover effects, most of alcoholic drinks contain also congeners, which can make hangover even worse (study proved that beverage with darker color and thus more congeners produce worse hangovers). Additionally there are also dry mouths, caused by ethanol and low blood sugar, which both need to be addressed during hangover.

So how can additional oxygen help in curing a hangover? While we are drinking our body takes three molecules of oxygen to metabolize one molecule of alcohol in your liver. In result we face our self with hypoxia, state when there is oxygen deficiency in our body. Especially in our brain, since they cannot use oxygen as efficient as they did before. The acetaldehyde is then subsequently broken down into water (comes out in your pee after being removed from your blood) and also into carbon dioxide (which is expelled when you breathe out). If you’re loading your body with oxygen, it will be breaking down the alcohol and expelling from your body much faster.

Most of people are usually convinced that hangovers are caused by dry mouths and dehydration, there are actually caused by oxygen deprivation. When drinking you can measure your oxygen level in blood and when stop drinking you take up to 5 breaths of pure oxygen and you will immediately see how the level of oxygen will raise. That is why we recommend our FeelOXY product – pure oxygen in a can that will help you in overcoming unpleasant symptoms the day after the party. Around the globe you can also find oxygen bars, who are advertising how helpful oxygen is for curing the hangover, however you have to first come to oxygen bar and then wait there. FeelOXY presents an alternative since you can provide your body with additional oxygen when it is in need.

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