FeelOXY Intersport

Oxygen is a fundamental condition for life; moreover it is an element that provides power to the living beings. However, the necessary amount of oxygen for the body vary depending on the situation, namely, an active body needs more oxygen than the body at rest. During the sports activities, breathing rate increases, no matter what the activity is performed, either running, biking, hiking or lifting weights. The reason for the increased use of oxygen, however, lies in the complex chemical processes in the muscles and bloodstream.

Oxygen is needed for the human body at any time, since it supplies muscles, organs, and the cells with the necessary power. Normally, our body function with oxygen from the air we breathe. Oxygen is dissolved in the plasma, where the part thereof is immediately consumed and part of it remains in the bloodstream as a reserve. During exercise our muscles perform harder work, which increases their demand for oxygen. This is the reason why our breathing and heart rate increase, because the body needs more oxygen. Throughout the oxygen that the body receives, whole oxygen in immediately consumed, also earlier created reserves of oxygen in the bloodstream, so we need to replace this loss. If the loss of oxygen is not replaced quickly enough or it is not replaced at all, our muscles start convert glucose into lactic acid and not the energy as it would with a sufficient amount of oxygen do otherwise, so after sports activities we usually become tired, regeneration process of the muscles become longer, lactic acid appears, which leads to the formation of “musklfiber” and usually we loose focus and desire for further physical activities, namely the lack of oxygen also limits the central nervous system and thus our ability to continue sports activities.

With the progress of technology in recent decades we have brought new ways of facilitating access to our body of supplemental oxygen. Our product FeelOXY, pure oxygen in a can, thus represents an excellent additive to increase the supply of energy and endurance, wherever it is needed. It can be used before, during and after physical activity. Before physical activity it will supply you with additional energy and power, during physical activity it will make sure to maintain power and after physical activity it will reduce the recovery time of the muscles. Supplemental oxygen FeelOXY is suitable for both professional and recreational athletes to perform aerobic sports, such as cycling, running, swimming, etc., as it helps to increase endurance and gives extra energy and anaerobic sports such as tennis, weightlifting, football, etc., to increase your power. It should also be noted that FeelOXY natural product without calories and artificial additives and by the World Anti-doping commission is not declared as doping.

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