reklama easter

As the spring has arrived, it bring with it also the most important Christian holiday, Easter. Easter holidays are wonderful; they are usually spend within the family circle, where people collect fond memories, are having fun times and bonding. Even more, what is mostly connected with Easter is a lot of food and drinks on the table, that very same food and drinks that cause a lot of diets, slower metabolism and health issues when holidays are over.

Although we all think that one day of eating bad and cheating with food will not harm us, it will. Main cause our stomach is so sensitive after eating eggs, ham and horseradish is a hostile reaction from the digestive system to fat and food additives. That same hostile reaction tends to slow our metabolism, which can be blamed for weight gain and slower circulation of blood. Every cell in your body requires energy to function―whether it is delivering nutrients to your brain, pumping oxygen from your lungs to your muscles during a long power walk, or producing infection-fighting white blood cells deep in your bone marrow. Metabolism is the name for the system by which the body converts the calories in food to energy (blood sugar) to perform these and many other functions. That is why you do not want to starve during Easter holidays, we propose to you use of additional oxygen. Like ordinary combustion, the metabolism of food requires a supply of oxygen and produces carbon dioxide as a combustion product. For various foods one can state a representative energy yield, an amount of oxygen required, and an expected amount of carbon dioxide released. And for food as heavy as Easter holiday food, we have to increase our level of oxygen available for our metabolism to be able to use it.

If we want to ensure to our body quality regeneration after holidays, we can help it with additional oxygen and prevent our body from several negative effects, such as slower metabolism, slower circulation of blood, gaining the weight and so on. Pure oxygen will therefor allow you to not to think so much about food during holidays, so you could focus more on your family. It will as well increase their strength and energy, increase stamina and explosion since we all know that after food as heavy as that, we all get tired and loose energy pretty soon. FeelOXY will help you to survive holidays without any harmful or negative effects on your body.

reklama easter


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