Sadik Mujkić

Sadik Mujkić is Slovenian rower and recipient of two Olympic medals. He won two bronze medals, first at the Summer Olympics in 1988 in Seoul in the coxless, and the other one in 1992 at the Summer Olympics in Barcelona in the coxless four. Although he already finished his professional career more than 10 years ago, he still participates in the rowing, teaching young rowers and helping them to achieve, in the near future, as much as possible.

Sadik stated that he misses his professional career, mostly because of the feeling and the atmosphere at the beginning of each race, when you finally get to the start and you feel the adrenaline through whole body and at the end the feeling how proud can you be of yourself when finishing the game and when everything is forgotten, however it is much more calm now, when he spends time with his daughter Sara in Lake Bled. Sadik said he still keeps a lot of beautiful memories in his mind and heart, he even more share some of his memories with us. First really memorable was when in 1996, Slovenian current president at the time, Milan Kučan, visited Sadik at the Summer Olympics. The second one is when in 1991 he had to skip World Cup because of the war in the grounds of Yugoslavia. Moreover, in his professional times he won several medals and prizes that he is really fond of; first two are naturally two bronze Olympic medals where each has a different story and each mean very good achievement. Additionally he is also really proud on Blovdkovo prize and being three times Slovenian athlete in team sports, which all gives you a strong and power for further work.

Although Sadik is no longer professional rower, he still watches rowing races sometimes in live or at home. In his opinion, the technique has remained the same, however boats have improved and yet there is still only one who is the best, Norik, in which Sadik and Bojan Prešeren together won Olympic medal in Seoul. Today Sadik works as coach for several years at the Rowing club Bled, thereby teaches young children aged 10 to 15 years of age paddling techniques and how to start all together. »I think that I’m pretty successful in my work because couple of guys I thought them several years ago are to this day still collecting some great medals«. He teaches them important lessons; to persist and not let themselves get confused, to pick themselves up even when thousand times on the floor and ignore and believe in yourself and your abilities. These are the lessons he learned through his whole career. At the end we had to ask him about our FeelOXY product and he gladly said that he uses FeelOXY for some time now, mostly before physical exertion, during or before the game and also in difficult, stressful moments when it makes your breathing easier.


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