RUNNING članek

This week we entered into the first week of April, maybe we can even say into the first of many warm weeks where we witness the awakening of nature. These first warm days are one of the best incentives possible for new running challenges. Running is one of the most human-friendly forms of exercise because it contains natural movement, which is usually neglected because of sedentary lifestyle in the modern era. It is almost impossible to list all the positive effects of running, from the raising the general level of fitness, burning calories, strengthening of the muscles and the entire body, contributing to a healthier lifestyle and so on.

But it is important for new runners and those who made a break during winter to start slowly. It is quite common when first starting to work out, new runners struggle with running and breathing. Because running is aerobic sport, we have to take into account also our aerobic capacity. Aerobic capacity is the overall ability to manifest aerobic power as long as possible during our physical activity. When we are breathing, the oxygen we breathe first travels through lungs to bloodstream directly to you muscles and these process involves respiratory, blood and cardiovascular system. This component of aerobic system is called central aerobic capacity, however later it turned to peripheral aerobic capacity. In that part or component muscle fibers extract the oxygen from the blood and combine it with stored glucose. As a result it creates ATP – Adenosine triphosphate or as biologists calls it energy currency of life, body’s primary source of energy. Even though both oxygen and glucose are required to produce ATP, oxygen is typically the body’s limiting resource in this process. When there is a lack of oxygen in our body, we enter into an anaerobic phase of exercise where lactic acid is produced and our body starts to run out of energy, additionally body’s central nervous system limits our ability to push our muscles further and continue with physical strains. As a result we get tired, our muscles became fatigue and our body is regenerating itself much more slowly.

With the advance of technology, there are new ways hot to expand our body’s access to oxygen. FeelOXY thus presents great alternative, pure oxygen in a can to increase energy supply and endurance wherever we need it. It can be used before, during and after physical activity. If before it is for energy boost, if during it is for maintaining training power and if after it is for faster recovery, thus less regeneration time. Additional oxygen is a safe and natural way to help your body produce more energy, without additives, extra calories or any side effects.

RUNNING članek

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