At the beginning of this week we entered into a new season of the year, the spring. As nice weather is approaching quite fast, people get more and more desire to spend time outside and start with different sports activities. We already know that sports activities are good for our health in body and mind, some studies also showed that physical activity will lengthen life expectancy and provide a certain amount of protection from chronic and age related diseases, however we have to take into account some propositions when we start with physical activities in the new season.

Since our body is all rested and prepared, it is although not used of too much strain. At the beginning we have to start with some easy workouts or some easy physical activities so our body and muscles can get used to it. Repeated movements that are unnatural to our physiology, especially if we just start with increased physical activity, will cause deterioration and injury. With the striving toward personal peak performance, sport often leads to excessive physical taxation and exertion. We have to be aware of the fact that during any kind of physical activity, muscles and organs became burdened, as a result they need more oxygen in order to provide our body and cells with sufficient amount of energy. After the physical activity our muscles and organs take a sufficient amount of oxygen from the body to rebuild themselves, because of that, after some time, we become tired and not so focused anymore, however we have to replace the deficit of oxygen in the body. Our bodies are configured in such way that they can regenerate themselves, but regeneration can take up to 48 hours after the training is finished.

If we want to ensure the quality and accelerate the regeneration of the body, with the help of supplemental or additional oxygen we can prevent our body and muscles from several negative effects, such as we can prevent spring fatigue, retention of toxins and lactic acid and improve the circulation of muscles and accelerate metabolism of cells. Additional oxygen for the body will as well allow faster regeneration of muscles, help in faster recovery of muscle pain (also known as “musklfiber”) and will prepare us for further training. Therefor FeelOXY is an excellent product that will, in the upcoming sports season, serve both sports lovers as well as professional athletes to increase their strength and energy, increase stamina and explosion and reducing recovery time. FeelOXY can be used before, during or after workout, on trips, in the higher areas, where the additional oxygen will help you to optimize sports performance and maintain energy and vitality.

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OXY-BAR isOxy-BAR the place where you can get pure oxygen. Why would you do this if there is oxygen already in the air we are breathing? You surely noticed how weak you felt, after a long day in a closed office or a room.

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On 19th and 20th of November was unwinding the most prestigious Slovenian wine event, 18th Slovenian wine festival. This year, beside excellent wines, the visitor could try out also the OXY-BAR.

Because the festival combined the vast supply of the most qualitative wines, the visitors had lots of work with tasting. So they did not get too tired too quickly, many of them come to the OXY-BAR, where they could inhale pure oxygen. Pure oxygen in a can does not only increase the energy, strength and concentration but also decrease symptoms of hangover after a party.


To all wine lovers who wanted to fill themselves with new energy, a nice FeelOXY team member measured how much oxygen they have in their blood with pulse oxymeter. Then they comfortably settle themselves on a bar stool and – instead of another glass of wine – afford a portion of pure oxygen. OXY-BAR works like this: user puts on a mask and dose oxygen with a pressure on a can sprayer. With just five deep breaths the body fills up with pure oxygen and therefore with new strength and concentration. So the visitor could make sure that pure oxygen really works they measured the oxygen saturation also after the use of OXY-bar. The reactions of users and the results were great :)

breathWe all know that we cannot live without oxygen and that it enables life for almost all living organisms on our planet. But do we really understand why is so important to us and which body functions it supports?

Let’s begin at the beginning. We are breathing oxygen from the air, which contains approximately 78 percent nitrogen and 21 percent oxygen. In average, human inhales and exhales around 16-times a minute in order to get enough oxygen to stay alive. Incredibly, the most prevalent element in our body is oxygen – oxygen makes up 65 percent of human body and is responsible for 90 percent of the body’s energy.

People can live about a month without food, a week without water and just few minutes without oxygen.

When we inhale oxygen enters body through our mouth and nose and then travels all the way to the lungs. When it gets to the smallest parts of the lungs (alveoli), those inflate like a balloon. Here oxygen enters capillary network and is bind to hemoglobin – the protein molecule in red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs to all body’s cells and then as a transport for waste gas, carbon dioxide, back to the lungs.

The average adult’s lungs contain about 600 million alveoli.

Cells need oxygen mainly for two functions:

  • to utilize oxygen to produce ATP – molecules, which are essential for many body processes,
  • to eliminate toxins and waste through oxidation.

 Just like a car, humans also need fuel. We get it from the carbohydrates, fats, and proteins that were ingested through food or from storage body fat. With a help of oxygen, cells convert these into energy, so our body can function and create heat. We can say that more oxygen we inhale, more energy our cells can produce – this makes our body stronger and well-prepared for daily challenges. Because our body is not capable of storing oxygen, it is vital that we pay attention to our oxygen levels and take care of sufficient oxygen supply.

head-blueYou surely noticed how weak you felt, after a long day in a closed office or a room. Our lifestyle is structured in a way, that we spend most of our time trapped between four walls, sitting in front of computer, without a real brake. Even if we do take a luxury of taking some time off, those in larger cities cannot supply their bodies with enough high quality oxygen – city air is getting more polluted and therefore we get less oxygen in our body.

When our body is not getting enough oxygen, it’s giving us many warning signs:

  • feeling constantly tired,
  • overall weakness of the body,
  • headaches or vertigo,
  • it is hard for us to concentrate for work or study,
  • memory loss,
  • irritability,
  • blood circulation problems,
  • indigestion problems,
  • anxiety, depression and stress,
  • weakened resistance to colds and flu,
  • various bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic infections.

Such body states can indicate that your body is lacking oxygen. When this happens, our body cells get less efficient and all body processes slow down. The organ which is most sensitive to oxygen deficiency is our brain. As the main organ of our nervous system, brain uses 20 percent of all the oxygen we inhale. Brain cells take care of body activity coordination – the better the nervous conductivity, the better is our responsiveness and ability to concentrate. To avoid decreased oxygen in the brain (brain hypoxia), we should take care of sufficient oxygen supply at all times.

This is especially important for athletes, very active recreational sportsmen, divers, alpinists and those who are confronted with high intellectual strains. In case you fit in one of these groups, we recommend you to try out the oxygen supplement in a can – natural, healthy, and safe way to assist your body to achieve maximum results.