What is OXY-BAR?


OXY-BAR isOxy-BAR the place where you can get pure oxygen. Why would you do this if there is oxygen already in the air we are breathing? You surely noticed how weak you felt, after a long day in a closed office or a room. Our lifestyle is structured in a way, that we spend most of our time trapped between four walls, sitting in front of computer, without a real brake. Besides work commitments we often do various sports and social activities, and this can result in low energy. When we are physically or mentally very active, oxygen level in our blood drops – with just a few inhalations of pure oxygen we can raise our oxygen level.

Do you want to know how was on Slovenian wine festival?

December is almost here and its bringing festive parties with him. To make this year’s parties a little bit differenet and more energetic try out our FeelOXY’s OXY-BAR. Your business partners and employees will breath pure oxygen for more energy, better mood, and also to dicrease unpleasant consequences the day after the party… 😉

Our OXY-BAR offer includes:

  • Placement of the OXY-BAR: stand, chairs, large cans with pure oxygen, pulse oxygen;
  • Two FeelOXY memebers, who help with OXY-BAR usage and for right information;
  • 200 liters of pure oxygen (2000 inhalations, which is enough for 200 people);
  • Duration of the service: 3 hours.

Contact us, so we can help you to achieve a different and unforgetable party!

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