Slovenian wine festival in Grand Hotel Union


On 19th and 20th of November was unwinding the most prestigious Slovenian wine event, 18th Slovenian wine festival. This year, beside excellent wines, the visitor could try out also the OXY-BAR.

Because the festival combined the vast supply of the most qualitative wines, the visitors had lots of work with tasting. So they did not get too tired too quickly, many of them come to the OXY-BAR, where they could inhale pure oxygen. Pure oxygen in a can does not only increase the energy, strength and concentration but also decrease symptoms of hangover after a party.


To all wine lovers who wanted to fill themselves with new energy, a nice FeelOXY team member measured how much oxygen they have in their blood with pulse oxymeter. Then they comfortably settle themselves on a bar stool and – instead of another glass of wine – afford a portion of pure oxygen. OXY-BAR works like this: user puts on a mask and dose oxygen with a pressure on a can sprayer. With just five deep breaths the body fills up with pure oxygen and therefore with new strength and concentration. So the visitor could make sure that pure oxygen really works they measured the oxygen saturation also after the use of OXY-bar. The reactions of users and the results were great :)

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