AERO Friedrichshafen Global show for general aviation is steadily approaching and our company is going to be a part of it with our product FeelOXY – pure oxygen in a can. It is a global show dedicated to developments in the General Aviation industry, approximately 600 exhibitors from 35 countries, 33,000 visitors and 600 journalists from all over the world are going to meet there. AERO show is going to last from 20th until 23rd of April 2016. Since we are going to be one of exhibitors, we decided to post an article about how important additional oxygen is for pilots and passengers of sports, private, ultra-light, business, gliders or for tandem jumps as well.

A lot of people when asking what is essential requirement for life will answer with oxygen, however most of them do not realize how their body uses oxygen is less than adequate when considering its importance to safe flight. As we already know that atmosphere we fly in is composed of 78% of nitrogen, 21% of oxygen and 1% of all other gasses. Even at the high altitudes, these percentages remain mostly the same, but we should all recall, the pressure exerted by air decreases as we climb. Thus, partial pressure decreases even though the percent content of oxygen remains the same. At some point the pressure is so low that oxygen can no longer be effectively forced into the bloodstream and we begin to experience symptoms of hypoxia, condition when body or a region of the body is deprived of adequate oxygen supply. As a result, in an unpressurized aircraft each pilot and passenger shall use oxygen continuously when flying at the altitude around FL 120 or higher, however it is recommended to use it as well at the lower altitudes and during the flights that last longer.

In a pressurized aircrafts, usually aircrafts with more passengers, for business or private use, pilots and passengers should use additional oxygen as well, especially on longer flights or higher altitudes because in the pressurized aircrafts the pressure is the same as in the altitude of arount 8000 ft. We have to be aware that this lack of oxygen usually causes little more than a headache and a feeling of fatigue in the average healthy flier. But passengers who have an underlying breathing, heart or circulatory problem or even one they don’t yet know exists, can suffer serious medical emergencies when the oxygen level drops.

That is why we recommend using additional oxygen when flying on sports, business, private, ultra-light aircrafts, gliders and tandem jumps as well. FeelOXY will help pilots and passengers to reduce fatigue and dizziness at the altitudes above FL 100 to FL 120, where the air is thinner, increase the concentration and reduce the level of stress, for pilots improve the maintenance of control over the management of aircraft, improve oxygen saturation in the blood and last but not least, reduce the jet-lag effect.

This week we entered into the first week of April, maybe we can even say into the first of many warm weeks where we witness the awakening of nature. These first warm days are one of the best incentives possible for new running challenges. Running is one of the most human-friendly forms of exercise because it contains natural movement, which is usually neglected because of sedentary lifestyle in the modern era. It is almost impossible to list all the positive effects of running, from the raising the general level of fitness, burning calories, strengthening of the muscles and the entire body, contributing to a healthier lifestyle and so on.

But it is important for new runners and those who made a break during winter to start slowly. It is quite common when first starting to work out, new runners struggle with running and breathing. Because running is aerobic sport, we have to take into account also our aerobic capacity. Aerobic capacity is the overall ability to manifest aerobic power as long as possible during our physical activity. When we are breathing, the oxygen we breathe first travels through lungs to bloodstream directly to you muscles and these process involves respiratory, blood and cardiovascular system. This component of aerobic system is called central aerobic capacity, however later it turned to peripheral aerobic capacity. In that part or component muscle fibers extract the oxygen from the blood and combine it with stored glucose. As a result it creates ATP – Adenosine triphosphate or as biologists calls it energy currency of life, body’s primary source of energy. Even though both oxygen and glucose are required to produce ATP, oxygen is typically the body’s limiting resource in this process. When there is a lack of oxygen in our body, we enter into an anaerobic phase of exercise where lactic acid is produced and our body starts to run out of energy, additionally body’s central nervous system limits our ability to push our muscles further and continue with physical strains. As a result we get tired, our muscles became fatigue and our body is regenerating itself much more slowly.

With the advance of technology, there are new ways hot to expand our body’s access to oxygen. FeelOXY thus presents great alternative, pure oxygen in a can to increase energy supply and endurance wherever we need it. It can be used before, during and after physical activity. If before it is for energy boost, if during it is for maintaining training power and if after it is for faster recovery, thus less regeneration time. Additional oxygen is a safe and natural way to help your body produce more energy, without additives, extra calories or any side effects.

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Sadik Mujkić is Slovenian rower and recipient of two Olympic medals. He won two bronze medals, first at the Summer Olympics in 1988 in Seoul in the coxless, and the other one in 1992 at the Summer Olympics in Barcelona in the coxless four. Although he already finished his professional career more than 10 years ago, he still participates in the rowing, teaching young rowers and helping them to achieve, in the near future, as much as possible.

Sadik stated that he misses his professional career, mostly because of the feeling and the atmosphere at the beginning of each race, when you finally get to the start and you feel the adrenaline through whole body and at the end the feeling how proud can you be of yourself when finishing the game and when everything is forgotten, however it is much more calm now, when he spends time with his daughter Sara in Lake Bled. Sadik said he still keeps a lot of beautiful memories in his mind and heart, he even more share some of his memories with us. First really memorable was when in 1996, Slovenian current president at the time, Milan Kučan, visited Sadik at the Summer Olympics. The second one is when in 1991 he had to skip World Cup because of the war in the grounds of Yugoslavia. Moreover, in his professional times he won several medals and prizes that he is really fond of; first two are naturally two bronze Olympic medals where each has a different story and each mean very good achievement. Additionally he is also really proud on Blovdkovo prize and being three times Slovenian athlete in team sports, which all gives you a strong and power for further work.

Although Sadik is no longer professional rower, he still watches rowing races sometimes in live or at home. In his opinion, the technique has remained the same, however boats have improved and yet there is still only one who is the best, Norik, in which Sadik and Bojan Prešeren together won Olympic medal in Seoul. Today Sadik works as coach for several years at the Rowing club Bled, thereby teaches young children aged 10 to 15 years of age paddling techniques and how to start all together. »I think that I’m pretty successful in my work because couple of guys I thought them several years ago are to this day still collecting some great medals«. He teaches them important lessons; to persist and not let themselves get confused, to pick themselves up even when thousand times on the floor and ignore and believe in yourself and your abilities. These are the lessons he learned through his whole career. At the end we had to ask him about our FeelOXY product and he gladly said that he uses FeelOXY for some time now, mostly before physical exertion, during or before the game and also in difficult, stressful moments when it makes your breathing easier.


As the spring has arrived, it bring with it also the most important Christian holiday, Easter. Easter holidays are wonderful; they are usually spend within the family circle, where people collect fond memories, are having fun times and bonding. Even more, what is mostly connected with Easter is a lot of food and drinks on the table, that very same food and drinks that cause a lot of diets, slower metabolism and health issues when holidays are over.

Although we all think that one day of eating bad and cheating with food will not harm us, it will. Main cause our stomach is so sensitive after eating eggs, ham and horseradish is a hostile reaction from the digestive system to fat and food additives. That same hostile reaction tends to slow our metabolism, which can be blamed for weight gain and slower circulation of blood. Every cell in your body requires energy to function―whether it is delivering nutrients to your brain, pumping oxygen from your lungs to your muscles during a long power walk, or producing infection-fighting white blood cells deep in your bone marrow. Metabolism is the name for the system by which the body converts the calories in food to energy (blood sugar) to perform these and many other functions. That is why you do not want to starve during Easter holidays, we propose to you use of additional oxygen. Like ordinary combustion, the metabolism of food requires a supply of oxygen and produces carbon dioxide as a combustion product. For various foods one can state a representative energy yield, an amount of oxygen required, and an expected amount of carbon dioxide released. And for food as heavy as Easter holiday food, we have to increase our level of oxygen available for our metabolism to be able to use it.

If we want to ensure to our body quality regeneration after holidays, we can help it with additional oxygen and prevent our body from several negative effects, such as slower metabolism, slower circulation of blood, gaining the weight and so on. Pure oxygen will therefor allow you to not to think so much about food during holidays, so you could focus more on your family. It will as well increase their strength and energy, increase stamina and explosion since we all know that after food as heavy as that, we all get tired and loose energy pretty soon. FeelOXY will help you to survive holidays without any harmful or negative effects on your body.

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This time we are writing reportage about Tim Mastnak and his nearly end of a season. Tim Mastnak is a 24 years old snowboarder from Celje. He started his career as a skier, however he later decided for snowboarding. His most visible results are 2011 Junior World champion in parallel giant slalom, 4th place in the parallel slalom, 4th place at the Universiade in Turkey, 3rd place at the Universiade in Italy and 4th place in the World Cup in Rogla.

Since he is almost finished we wanted to congratulate him for great season and ask him about his plans for near future. He told us, that until the end of March, he is going to attend four more matches. After the end of match season, he is still not done and ready for vacations since he has to test equipment and train, as long as the conditions will allow him to. In May he is starting with the physical preparation and by July he will try to keep the contact with the snow on Austrian glaciers. Although snowboarding is not the only thing that he is involved into, in addition Tim is also a student at the Faculty of Management, it is the main thing in his life. After this season he will mostly remembered Rogla home match, where there was so much support from his fans, friends and in addition to this, he scored this year’s best ranking. He also mentioned another match in Bad Gastein (Austria), which he described as a biggest challenge this year. Tim told us that so far, until this year, he never competed well there, but this yes he interrupted his bad luck tradition and succeeded. The primary objective, in his opinion for this season, was met; although at the end of the season he wished for another excellent result. In the next season he is planning to upgrade his tactic, since he learned a lot from the past seasons. At the end we wanted to know also about relationships between the contestants. Relations between the contestants are good, with some even excellent. Mostly there are no tensions between them, except of course during the matches. They spend together quite a lot time, travelling and training together; they are almost like a big family. However, at the end Tim told us, that they are still individual athletes, so that each one of them has to look after himself and they all want to win.

That is why Tim is planning some great performances for next season, he hope to improve his driving and with that also his results. He will also achieve this with FeelOXY for which he said that is very satisfied with. »After hard workouts it is helpful for faster regeneration and during the game, it helps me to stay concentrated, focused and strong until the last match«.

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Spring is slowly awakening and we begin to notice changes in weather and nature. As well as changes outside, our body also begins to adapt and wakes up to meet the challenges of a new season. However, the biggest challenge for our body and mind is the adjustment process between two seasons; challenge which is called the spring fatigue. Although researchers still did not discover proper explanation for this phenomenon, they suggest two possible reasons; external and internal changes.

Since the days get longer and offer more sunlight, people tend to go out and use beautiful sunny, warm days for sports activities and increase their energy consumption. However, activity and change in our behavior my present threat to homeostasis, the constancy of the internal environment. During the winter, our body and mind faces with decrease of physical activity, there is also increase in the stress hormone because of environmental threat, levels of hormones such as serotonin, hormone that boost happiness, and dopamine, motivational hormone, are low, due to shorter days, less sunlight and worse weather. And when spring rolls in, we become more active and consequently this presents shock for body. As our body wants to meet our demands, works hard to repair and strengthen the weakened defense system, which is why we often feel more tired, less motivated and feel lethargic. Symptoms of spring fatigue include also poor immune function, lack of motivation and concentration, slow reflexes and responses, unrefreshing sleep and sleep deprivation, loos of appetite, quick changes in mood, negative effects on memory and so on.

That is why best strategy for fighting spring fatigue is to minimize your stress level and to boost your internal energy level. Although there are many ways how to meet these strategies we recommend additional oxygen FeelOXY, which is the fastest and safest way to reduce and end the negative effects of spring fatigue. Additional oxygen will give your body cells food for functioning, which will consequently increase your health and vitality and at the end of the day it will help to fight all the negative effects of spring fatigue and moreover increase your energy level, strengthen your immune function and improve your motivation and concentration. Even more, FeelOXY is all natural, contains no calories and no artificial substances, therefor it is a product every person should wish for.

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At the end of February we could witness six days of international mountain bike stage race – Andalucía bike race, lasting from 21 until 26 of February in two Spanish provinces; Jaén and Córdoba. Each day a stage of approximately 70 kilometers and 2000 meters of altitude difference took place. However this was not individual race, instead organizers gave more focus to strategy and partnership and make this race all about pairs. Among participants we could also saw Slovenian mountain bike cyclist and stage race specialist Peter Vesel with his partners in race Marko Fržop, whom he meet several years ago and spent a few stage races with him (Trans Schwarzwald, Alpen Tour and last year on Cape Epic).

Since we all expected that race is going to be very challenging and physically exhausting, we wanted to know how long Peter was preparing for the race. He told us that he started with preparations in the beginning of November and trained from 5 to 6 times per week. Most of the time he trained with his friend Matej Murgeli, but part of the training he spent with cycling team Adria Mobila. He also mentioned that huge part of challenge was also travelling to Spain since they travelled with camper for 28 hours and practically without interruptions. When they arrived to Andalucía, they were amazed by the landscape. Peter said that view on the olive groves were truly fascinating; as far your eyes can reach, you only see olives. However, during the race they did not have time to watch beautiful landscape, since the race was technical really challenging. Their sight was directed forward and their concentration was at its peak. The race consisted of six stages, according to Peter, he had most of problems with first two, namely, this was his first race in the season but Marko has had most of problems with 5th and 6th stage. Problems were connected with losing power as well as Marko’s defect in the wheel casing. Nevertheless, Peter said that in cases like this, you have to pull yourself together, solve the problem as soon as possible and drive forward.

At the end they finished the race at 11th place and Peters first thought when passing finish line was: “and yet another stage race is finished”. Feelings after the race were great and Peter believes that if gets another invitation to next year’s stage bake race in Andalucía he will gladly accept it and compete again. But for now he must stay focused because in the April he is going to attend Joberg2c stage race in South Africa, which will take place from Johannesburg to Durban. At the end of our interview Peter wanted to share with you some words about FeelOXY product. He used it immediately after each stage end and before sleeping, so to prepare for the next day. “Certainly, from day to day I felt better”, he said.


On Saturday and Sunday Women’s BTC CITY LJUBLJANA cycling team took part in the first two races of the season in the Netherlands. On Saturday Ronde Van Drenthe WWT race was held. It was very challenging 140km long race with several sections of bricks, wind and narrow roads. First trio ended the race was Blaak Chantal Boels, Elvin Gracie Orica and WorrackTrixi. The only Slovenians who have completed the race were Eugenia Bujak at 39th and Urša Pintar at 61th place. On Sunday another race was held, Drentse 8 van Westerveld. It was again 140km long race with extremely narrow roads in the northern part of the Netherlands province of Drenthe. Olena, Mia and Anna did not finish the race due to the fall; however Jelena Erić finished the race as 31st.

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